UI/UX Design

Grayver Law Group is proud to partner with Hilary Bienstock, considered by many to be one of the premier UX research consultants in California (her clients include the who-is-who among Silicon Valley technology companies). Hilary’s specialty lies in providing unique insights into consumers’ mindsets and motivations by conducting foundational and summative user research and then analyzing and interpreting that research to guide new web site and application designs. User research may take the form of usability testing, participatory design, A/B testing, metrics analysis, ethnographic research, contextual inquiries, focus groups, surveys, card sorts, desirability studies, or a custom study designed to suit the client’s precise needs.

The duration of our UX consulting service depends on the nature of your project and its complexity. We can help you quickly evaluate your product’s user experience and understand what elements need to be updated or redesigned. At the same time, we can provide UX consulting services on an ongoing basis for optimal long-term results.

By helping you to refine the user experience, we empower you to create a well-rounded product that is easy to use and rewarding for both new and current users. Using our multi-domain exposure and industry-leading UX practices, we deliver:

• Digital Experience Design Strategy
• Innovation Strategy
• UX in Digital Transformation
• Product roadmap development
• Design Briefing
• UX Project Management

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