Hilary Bienstock

Email: info@grayverlaw.com

Office: 1.310.372.5770

Hilary Bienstock has always been interested in psychology, computer interfaces, and the place where the two intersect. She received her B.A. and M.S. degrees in Communications and Human-Computer Interaction from Stanford University. After taking a year off to teach English to college students in Beijing, she returned to California to work in the new field of User Experience. Since then she’s been a part of UX teams in a wide variety of settings: from a governmental engineering laboratory (Sandia National Laboratories) to (at the time) one of the world’s most trafficked internet portals (Yahoo!) to a media company with a hundred-plus-year history (LA Times).

Hilary provides user research and information architecture to a variety of clients and is considered by many to be one of premiere UX research consultants in California. Her specialty is providing insight into consumers’ mindsets and motivations by conducting foundational and summative user research, and then analyzing and interpreting that research to guide new web site and application designs. User research may take the form of usability testing, participatory design, A/B testing, metrics analysis, ethnographic research, contextual inquiries, focus groups, surveys, card sorts, desirability studies, or a custom study designed to suit the client’s unique needs. In addition to practicing these techniques on an everyday basis, Hilary also teaches courses on foundational research and usability testing methodologies at the User Experience certificate program at California State University at Fullerton.

Some of Hilary’s clients are listed below: