Pitch Coaching

Have you ever walked out of a pitch thinking: “That could have gone so much better”? Many people make the same mistakes in the pitch room that cost them the chance to secure funding, inspire stakeholders or sign new clients. Things go wrong because your message is not clear, and you fail to stand out.

Our mission is to get you to learn to tell your stories in just a few words (be concise), use simple words that everyone can relate to (be clear) and articulate why your audience should care (be different).

If you have a big investor meeting coming up, a sales pitch or an important business presentation, we offer face-to-face coaching or virtual coaching via our private video-chat room.

Depending on your goals and challenges, we will typically work on refining your story, structuring your messages, simplifying your slide deck, enhancing your delivery style and sharpening your answers to tough questions. We will fine tune and practice until it is just right!

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